Drupal Content Management Systems

Based in Dallas, Texas, Jackrabbit Web Design has over 6 years experience designing, building, installing, and developing in Drupal content management systems (CMS) websites. A content management system is a database driven architecture which enables one or more users or authors to easily create and manage any content type such as web pages, articles, products, or any categorical information without the knowledge of HTML and associated internet programming languages. Multiple user accounts with varying levels of accessibility can be set up so that users or employees can perform tasks without giving them access to website administration. This incredibly powerful and versatile tool has thousands of possible modular features and styling options.

I design back-end administration system's which allow you or your employees to be trained to manage the website's content in about a day. One customer's website for a nursery which has a comprehensive plant list with many types of information and images. I provide a complete solution which includes easy to use web based administration so that addition of content by average users is a snap. A simple interface for organizing and searching the data is included. The owner of the business or an employee can simply take a snapshot of a new plant, upload it via an administration panel via the website, and add the descriptions. No programming knowledge required.

Training Systems and Learning Management Systems

I have built up a Drupal-based training system which can meet even the largest organizations training and testing/accountability needs. Visit the Training System page to learn more.

Social Networking

Communication forums or social networking sites for small businesses, corporations, guilds, groups of friends, churches, and any group of people are an interesting idea. These spaces have capabilities for daily announcements, event announcements, and forums for collaborative discussion and problem solving. Each user would have their own personal page just like Facebook.

Data Analysis

Databases of with any type of content, organized and with user-friendly accessibility, can be stored, analyzed, published. Detailed, instantly updated, charting can be created to have constant knowledge of changes. Complex business information related to services to customers can be published, sorted, and viewed from the user's own perspective, online.

GIS Mapping

GIS data can be published using Drupal to put custom, dynamic layered maps in any web page. It can display map tiles, markers, and layers loaded from any source. View a sample of layered maps built with Drupal and OpenLayers. In combination these tools are used to further the use of geographic information of all kinds.

Expertise in Drupal Modules

  • Views, Panels, Context, Fields(CCK), Display Suite
  • Social Media, Service Links, Facebook, Twitter
  • Organic Groups
  • OpenLayers, Geofield, Location, GMap
  • Ubercart
  • HTML5 Tools, HTML5 Media, Video, Video.js, Views Slideshow
  • Mobile tools
  • Charts,Quiz,Webform,CCK SCORM
  • As well as many more modules.

Drupal Module Development

Need some Drupal functionality and can't find a module? Contact Jackrabbit Web Design for work on custom module solutions.

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