Simple Webpage Editing

Every Drupal website that Jackrabbit Web Design creates has a feature that every customer will love. Each website, even if only displaying information pages, is a content management system. This system has a back end administration for editing pages and menus that anyone who can use Microsoft WordPad can use. This frees you from being tied to your web design professional for every little change and update that you may wish to make. Once designed and implemented the system you can edit pages, create pages, post to your blog, or add pictures to your gallery without knowledge of HTML and associated internet programming languages.

You will be given an administrative account and will be the only one able to edit the website. All visitors will be locked out of any administration. Varying levels of user accounts can be created so that an employee can have limited access while you maintain overall command.

This first image shows the top of the page when logged in as admin. The tabs at the top give you several options, one of which is to edit the page.

Here is a view of the administration of editing a page which allows you to edit the text for the title and page content using an interface similar to Microsoft Word.

This same administration interface is available for any content type, even product catalogs, or picture galleries.

I will of course make any changes you desire after the system is installed. Some people choose to pay a monthly maintenance fee for me to these minor changes and updates. What I offer is the choice of a simple, robust administration that anyone can use.

In addition we offer training services for you or your employees. Most people can pick up the necessary knowledge to edit within an hour.

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